Asbestos History And Its Associated Health Risks

Asbestos is a mineral fiber which has been used as insulating material for decades before the late 1970s due to its strong resistance to fire and heat. A number of the household products that contain this mineral are textured paint, drywall compound, shingles, millboard, siding, duct insulation for pipe and furnace, and flooring adhesive.

It has also been employed as insulating material in transportation, automobiles and construction. Actually, asbestos history may be traced back to the Greeks who noted its fireproofing ability.

Asbestos History And Its Associated Health Risks

The Greeks And Romans

Nevertheless, it’s interesting to note in asbestos history that Romans and the Greeks also observed the harmful effects of asbestos on the lungs. They observed the affliction of the lungs experienced by slaves who contained asbestos fiber in their clothes. On the other hand, Romans and the Greeks were so amazed by the seemingly magical properties of asbestos they decided to disregard its adverse effects.

The Romans had the practice of cleaning their asbestos napkins by throwing them to the fire. Incredibly, the napkins would not be burned but emerge whiter. The popularity of asbestos subsequently fell in the Middle Ages but it became popular again throughout the late 1800 s during the Industrial Revolution.

Health Hazards Linked With Asbestos

Medical dangers related to asbestos became evident through the early part of the 20th century because in 1918 and 1917, scientists noted that asbestos workers were dying quite youthful. An English doctor diagnosed asbestosis in a female who have been working with asbestos since she was 13 and died at the age of 33 in 1924.

This finding triggered research in asbestos mining towns who have been dying at an early age. Because 25 percent of the workers were found to have lung disorder brought on by asbestos, the English passed laws that declared asbestosis to be a work-related disease and mandated an increase in ventilation on the job.

Environmental Protection Agency

Based on asbestos history in the US, the ban on the usage of asbestos was issued by the Environmental Protection Agency in 1989. Ever since then, laws have now been passed governing the removal of asbestos or asbestos remediation and its appropriate disposal. It took so long to act on medical dangers presented via this mineral regardless of the publication of posts in the 1930s that suggested a relationship between cancer and asbestos because of two things.

First, silicosis, which will be also a lung disorder caused by silica dust overshadowed health problems concerning this mineral. Workers who were affected were able to successfully file $300 million suits against their companies. This was taken by asbestos firms and promptly tried to hide evidence about the health effects of asbestos. They continued to utilize asbestos. And despite the presence of safer choices, such as fiberglass, the firms decided to ignore the risks of asbestos for the interest of protecting their profits.

Asbestos Test

Asbestos evaluation is done to determine whether a particular substance contains asbestos. You cannot tell just by looking at the material unless the material has been labeled as free from asbestos. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA or sometimes USEPA), which can be a section of the Government in the Unites States has set asbestos regulations, that have been created to guard the human well-being, and safeguarding the surroundings, atmosphere, water, and land, from asbestos impurities. When-ever you aren’t sure, apply asbestos evaluation to determine whether asbestos is present in the surroundings your home is in or in the stuff.

Analysis Of Asbestos

A professional who carries out asbestos sampling for evaluation usually does asbestos evaluation. He knows what things to search for in assessing the substance and is an expert. Asbestos sampling is generally done under a polarized light microscopy which can be a specific form of microscope. The process of asbestos sampling includes asbestos testing and it will help to find out percent and the kind of asbestos existing in the substance. Asbestos test is usually carried out by professionals that are knowledgeable in the situation.

Friable Asbestos

Friable Asbestos

Asbestos impurities in the air come from friable asbestos while preserving asbestos constructions, asbestos encapsulation, as for example, and when removing asbestos, asbestos disposal. Tiny particles of asbestos merchandise spread widely in the environment while floating in air, and mainly if friable asbestos is left unattended, disposed, or is crushed under pressure occur. Inhalation of those particles is unsafe to heath, and it becomes crucial to possess asbestos sampling and asbestos testing done in many such places that are suspected.

The Use Of Asbestos

Asbestos is utilized in several locations, as an example, it is used as floor and insulation backing in homes and places of business. In the event the environment was polluted, it is very hard to assess. Asbestos evaluation ought to be done, for testing the surroundings for any impurities and an asbestos test kit can be used. The kit is capable of identifying asbestos particles to as little as 1% content by weight in the environment. This falls well within the EPA guideline.

3 Types Of Asbestos Evaluation Accessible

Type 1

The kind 1 is really a visual inspection the substance or the building is just inspected and is a means of putting your brain at ease, where. The type 1 test complies with asbestos regulations in asbestos test processes.

Type 2

Kind 2 involves visual inspection and in addition asbestos sampling is completed. This is the most affordable means to ascertain existence of asbestos impurities and is a normal asbestos evaluation procedure.

Type 3

Type 3 is a ‘totally intrusive’ survey and is the main asbestos test. When structure comprising asbestos needs to be taken down including asbestos demolition this asbestos evaluation is taken up. Removing asbestos creates particles and several asbestos fibers to float away in the air, thus causing asbestos pollution in the environment.

If you have vermiculite insulation at home, especially for insulating your loft, you will find chances that the material is contaminated with asbestos. In having asbestos sampling done at your house you have to take steps, and the asbestos test that is recommended ought to be carried out by the specialists like This could see to it that the health of your family and yourself and keep your house free from asbestos impurities.


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